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Élaine Bouchard

Circle of Elevation in Consciousness 15-11-2023 in french

Circle of Elevation in Consciousness 15-11-2023 in french

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A journey towards the infinity of our being

Consciousness reminds us who we are, our very essence.
It also reminds us of the purpose of our presence, our mission, what we have chosen to experience, and this, in the permanent growth of the evolution of the soul.
This has chosen to shed false beliefs, fears and outlet illusions which have distorted the data and prevented us from evolving.
Elevation in Consciousness is intended to be a reminder of who we are by letting go of these false truths and identities, and creating from who we really are.

Will you be on the trip?
Come and connect to your own inner universe to find the Being within you who was buried for too long under the shield.

You will experience :

  • Releases of cellular memories
  • From cleaning the slag that lowers your vital energy
  • A harmonization
  • Realignments of genetic codes and DNA
  • A connection with your Great Self, your Great Wisdom
  • Receptions and activation of new light codes
  • Encoded transmissions from beings of Light, interstellar or even intra-earth
  • A journey towards the infinity of your being

We look forward to seeing you aboard this great ship of Light on Wednesday May 15 at 7:30 p.m. (Quebec time) via the Zoom platform.

Note that if you intend to participate in more than 5 Circles, it is advantageous to take out a subscription . By becoming a member of the Elevation in Consciousness circle, you will benefit from:

  • 12 Elevation sessions (one per month),
  • access to recordings of all Circles of the year,
  • membership in the Cercle's private Facebook group to exchange ideas.

If you subscribe during the year, you will have access to Circle videos from past months, so you won't miss anything!

Looking forward to growing together!

Please do not contact me in the hour before the event.

* Please note that the zoom link will be sent by email a few hours before the session. It would be good to check receipt at least two hours in advance. (junk email too).

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