The most distant journey is within oneself.

- Anaïs Nin -

My history

A great lover of Life, and a passionate traveler, both externally and internally, I introduce myself to you.

Services offered


Energetic and multidimensional sessions are available both in-person and remotely.

Through guidance, I am shown what needs to be released through cellular memories. Light language, is also an integral part of the sessions, enabling personalized releases and activations.
Since each of you is unique, every session is as well. All of this is, of course, conducted in Love, Light and Joy.

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The school Révèl’essence

Workshops and training, both in-person and online to
develop your psychic abilities, learn various techniques to assist your clients
and thus create magic in your life and the lives of others.

Sessions of release and activation that can help you
release past wounds and reconnect  with
your full divine potential.

A community for exchanging and sharing, aimed at
providing support.

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