Program of 8 live meetings via zoom

Next cohort October 17, 2023

Live and recorded meetings once a week.

It is possible to register for one or several workshops (from the program’s à la carte selection).

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Do you feel the call to develop, enhance 
and enrich your psychic abilities?

Would you like to have sessions that help you release blockages to
connect to ancient knowledge?

Are you looking for tools and knowledge to enhance your spiritual

Are you looking for alignment within yourself that will reconnect you to
your celestial essence while being firmly grounded  to Earth?

Do you feel the need to be part of a community to share and receive

This is for me!



LIVE MEETINGS - Eight video conference meetings for
teachings and treatments . Possibility to review the material at your

PDF DOCUMENT - Teaching and deepening of knowledge

VIDEOS – Access to videos to practice at your own

COMMUNITY - A Facebook group where you can chat with
members of the

program and share your experiences.

COACHING - $25 discount on a one-hour private coaching
session, if desired.

This 8-week program includes workshops, teachings, tools and practice sessions to help you integrate new tools related to your feelings, intuition and psychic abilities.

It also includes two group sessions to help you release your blockages and reclaim your full power in connection with your inner strength , through various activations.

This program can help you reconnect with your coree ssence and create magic within yourself and around you, in your professional life. All of this is available from thec omfort of your home via live Zoom meetings that can be reviewed at any time.

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  • Meeting 1

    Root chakra

    Presentation of the program, grounding  (various tools), energy hygiene, energy
    bodies, chakras and the medicine wheel.

  • Meeting 2

    Sacral Chakra

    Reclaim your power to release past memories
    creating blockages in your self-confidence, your right to be, and your psychic
    abilities .

  • Meeting 3

    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Demystify the phenomenon of

    The passage of souls.

    Cleaning and purification of
    the premises.

  • Meeting 4

    Heart Chakra

    Training on the pendulum.

  • Meeting 5

    Throat Chakra

    Automatic writing

  • Meeting 6

    Third Eye Chakra

    Session on memories related to ancient knowledge, reconnection to these , activation/ reactivation of Light codes, and elevation of frequencies.

  • Meeting 7

    Crown Chakra 

    Learning and practicing of soul
    readings and multidimensional energy sessions.

  • Meeting 8

    Soul Chakra

    The Akashic Records