Energies and frequencies

Working in this field where energy and frequencies intersect, is a privilege and pure joy for me because it allows me to assist
people in their personal evolution.

Having access to different levels of consciousness, I consider myself a multidimensional being using various tools, diverse knowledge, and of course, the assistance of different beings of Light to accompany people on their journey.

My childhood

As far back as I can remember, I have always been sensitive to energies and paranormal phenomena. I recall, when I was very young, talking to my friend named « Nobody ». I called her that naively because when people asked my mother who I was talking to, she would say :

The teenage years were difficult for me; I lost many friends who died accidentally or who took their own lives. I often felt their presence or they would come to me in dreams. I would also see other deceased beings. All of this, I must admit, frightened me. If I dared to talk about it, people would say that I was too sensitive or that I had too much imagination.
Discussing this topic was not very popular back in the 1980s.

My mission

Years passed. It still happened to me to see, to feel, and to have precognitive dreams, but once again I spoke very little about them.
My sensitivity and the love I felt for people in need led me to work as a special education technician. I became aware of various realities that people could face, whether it was related to intellectual disabilities, the elderly, teenagers, or children with special needs.

In the fall of 2009, following a minor accident, I
found myself with a fractured vertebra and I had to wear a brace for several weeks. Since I could move very little, I watched television. It was while
watching a show hosted by France Gauthier «Si c'était vrai... », the English translation is « If
it were true... »
where I saw different mediums or energy practitioners talking about their experiences that I recognized myself and understood to my great relief, that I wasn’t alone experiencing these kinds of phenomena. I decided to reconnect with my psychic abilities once again to serve people in need.

My training

So I embarked on a journey by enrolling in various training courses sand workshops to further develop my psychic abilities,
including tarot, chakras, automatic writing, and pendulum. Later I graduated as an energy therapist and obtained certifications in metamorphic massage and Belvaspata.

The travels I have made in various countries and
sacred places over the past few years have enabled me, through specific trainings and/ or initiation experiences, to further enhance my psychic abilities, to connect with new frequencies, and to integrate them in order to work on sharing these abilities. Of course it also helped me to reconnect with ancient knowledge, old psychic abilities, including what is commonly referred to as the Light language.

These journeys also led me to get out of my comfort zone, helping me to release memories, deprogram old patterns, and shed outdated
personal beliefs. All of this was done with the intention to open my heart more to myself and to what is. This is what I consider the most important aspect, as the wider the heart opens, the closer I come to my core essence. It is with
this pure essence that I can connect to what might be called an inner divine force and channel these energies and frequencies to help you connect to your own essence, through energetic and frequency release.