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Élaine Bouchard

Metamorphic Massage - online training

Metamorphic Massage - online training

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If there is a training that allowed me to evolve in terms of my psychic abilities and to assist my clients in achieving beautiful releases, it is the metamorphic massage, even if, initially, it stems from reflexology.

The metamorphic massage is an invitation to let go of the chains created by intergenerational beliefs or patterns, as well as the experiences lived during the prenatal period.

This technique enables us, as well as those close to us, to release ourselves from the weight of experiences and familial programming that no longer serve us and encourages the development of each individual’s full potential.

The metamorphic technique is simple, gentle and powerful. It consists of a massage on the reflex zones of the feet, hands and head.


This practice brings several benefits, including the release of patterns of fear, anxiety and stress. It also strengthens self-confidence, provides a new outlook on life and helps the client to face challenges with greater ease.


The training includes an explanatory video with the massage movements and a PDF document providing you with even more information about the theory of metamorphic massage. Also, a private Facebook group has been created for you to ask your questions or share your experiences.

In addition, if you wish, you can benefit from personal coaching lasting one hour, at a cost of only 111 $ CDN   This will allow you to both increase your skills and knowledge regarding this practice and to connect more with your magic.

*Please note that to obtain a certificate, coaching will be necessary so that I can validate the integration of skills and your knowledge on the subject

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me by private message

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