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Élaine Bouchard



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The Belvaspata is an approach that calls upon high frequencies and Light. In the angelic language, it means “Healing of the heart." It is a sacred tool that has been given to humanity to dissolve and remove all illusions of disease. Since this approach is connected to the infinite, the Creator, whatever the changes, this method is always permanently upgraded and will never lose its power or effectiveness.

During a Belvaspata session, I am accompanied by specialized angelic beings. In order for  the angels to intervene, I use sigils, angelic writings, to trace pure frequencies transmitted to the client in their aura. The sigils describe something very specific, like a map. By tracing a sigil and pronouncing the name of an angelic being, one enters into direct contact with them.

During the session, blockages are dissolved, lower emotions and frequencies are transformed into purer emotions and the flow of life circulates through all the bodies, allowing life to flourish from the inside out, so that you can create and manifest the desires of your heart.

After receiving a Belvaspata healing session, expect profound changes in your life, within your various energetic bodies, and in your interpersonal relationships.


  • Restores emotional health
  • Eliminates depression, anxiety and stress
  • Helps calm the mind and increases the level of consciousness
  • Promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance
  • Aligns the mind and the heart
  • Supports mental clarity and assertiveness

Who is this session for?

This practice is for everyone and can even be practiced on animals. This energetic session can be conducted both individually and in groups.

See details in Conduct of an energetic and multidimensional session


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