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Élaine Bouchard

Belvaspata – Initiation

Belvaspata – Initiation

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Belvaspata is an approach that utilizes high frequencies and Light. In the angelic langage, it  means  “Healing of the heart”. It is a sacred tool that has been given to humanity to dissolve and remove all illusions of disease.

During the Belvaspata Initiation, you will connect to the vibrational frequencies of  angelic symbols (sigils) and their meanings. You will then be able to use these sigils and Light language to assist your clients in dissolving blockages and  promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

This practice is suitable for everyone and can even be practiced on animals. This energetic session is given both individually and in group settings.

Levels 1 and 2

  • Level 1 connects the initiate to the group of souls they represent.
  • Level 2 connects the initiate to the planetary grid.

Master and Grand Master Levels

  • The Master level eliminates illusion and connects the Master to the cosmic grid.
  • The Grand Master level affects the spiritual-emotional, spiritual-mental and all spiritual bodies. It also cleanses cosmic pathways and removes old programming of suffering, as it connects the initiate to higher levels of the cosmos. When the Grand Master level is reached, you can initiate others.
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