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Élaine Bouchard

Personalized and guided session

Personalized and guided session

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This session is the most common.  During a personalized and guided session, I use all the tools and knowledge at my disposal over the past few years, as well as the guidance of Beings of Light, to assist you in reclaiming your power and personal and spiritual evolution.

Depending on your need, this may include :

  • Release of memories that create physical, mental, emotional and psychic blockages (early childhood, past lives, ancestral patterns).
  • Alignment of chakras.
  • Energetic surgery.
  • Repositioning and cleansing of the energy bodies
  • Frequency restructuring of DNA strands.
  • Transmission and activation of light and ray codes (crystalline or others) tailored to your essence.
  • Raising awareness of your psychic skills and abilities acquired in past lives.

And this, always supported by the benefits of sound frequencies, Light language, crystals and essential oils.

See details in Conduct of an energetic and multidimensional session.

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