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Élaine Bouchard

Coaching - psychic skills

Coaching - psychic skills

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Do you work in energy or holistic field?

Or do you simply feel for joining this great adventure, but you doubt your skills? Would you like to increase or even reactivate old knowledge that have been sleeping in you, in order to accompany your customers in their process of return to SELF?

So I offer you here, an hour of coaching, whether to assist you in the release of blockages related to your psychic skills, sharing tools and knowledge or activations adapted to your essence.
I can help you increase your skills in:
  •     Soul reading
  •     The interpretation of body messages
  •     The release of cellular memories
  •     Past lives
  •     The connection to your inner child
  •     Intergenerational patterns or belief
  •     Etheric surgery
  •     Online sessions
  •     The phenomenon of entities and astral parasites
  •     The Light Language

Whatever your need, wherever you are in the development of your psychic skills and knowledge, I am pleased to offer you personalized support.

My goal is to share my magic with you, so you can share yours with the world!

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